Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hawk Landed, Hodge In, Harris & Woodson Magically Appear

The first day of Packers training camp was eventful for two reasons. First, the Pack's first-round draft pick, LB A.J. Hawk, agreed to terms on his contract: a reported six-year deal worth $37.5 million consisting of more than $15 million in guarantees. Because specifics of the deal were still being worked out, Hawk was not allowed to take part in the Packers' opening practice Friday evening. Hawk will supposedly be able to take part in today's activities once the ink is dry on the deal.

Also signing on the dotted line was the last of the Pack's unsigned draft choices, third-round LB Abdul Hodge. No details on that contract other than it is a reported four-year deal.

Good sign that all of the Packers' draft choices are signed and on board, and especially that these two talented young linebackers are in camp from the start. That bodes well for a tight defense.

In other good news, disgruntled CB Al Harris showed up for camp, despite being unhappy about the remaining four years on the six-year contract he signed two years ago...a-hem. ( know how I get about this stuff.) Charles Woodson, the $52-million man brought in in the off-season to upgrade the defensive backfield, also was one hand for the start of camp. According to reports, he just felt he could accomplish more training on his own in Houston than participating in the team's minicamps. OK. Whatever. New guy. Give him some slack. As long he performs on the playing field.

So, Packer fans, everyone is present and accounted for. Camp is underway. is good.