Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th Everyone! Oh, a Little Q&A with Ted Thompson, Too!

Nothing of note on the Packers front, fans. Unless you want to read a Q&A session Packers GM Ted Thompson had with the Green Bay Press Gazette. And even that is really old news, basically a get-to-know-you life review piece with the less-than-public Thompson...OK, given that last bit maybe there is some new news there. Decide for yourself. Read the article here.

Actually, Thompson seems like a complex character underneath that reserved demeanor. Being a native Texan, he likes ZZ Top (OK, who doesn't?). He also likes Springsteen, although he might not agree with the Boss's political views -- Ted leans to the conservative side politically. Reads the Bible every night. Drives an Escalade. Likes the Simpsons. Also watches the History Channel. Is still a bachelor at 53, having missed a couple good matches that he says he probably messed up. Anyway, if you're looking for some insights into the man who runs the Packers, check out the article.

Other than that...have a great 4th of July! The good ol' USA is 230 today! (As Homer -- and his fan, Ted -- would say: "Woo-hoo"...oh...and this piece of wisdom from Homer about the American way...so fitting for today...although let's hope Ted doesn't follow this advice.)