Monday, July 31, 2006

Brett's a Happy Camper!

In his first news conference of training camp, QB Brett Favre stated that this current team is the most talented team he has played on since he's been in GB. Yup. He said that. Now, either the 100-degree heat on the practice field today was taking its toll on Brett, or...well...let's give Brett the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he sees things that the average fan looking on from the outside doesn't. It's been well reported that Brett is happy with some of his new young receivers, particularly rookie Greg Jennings. You can read more about what Brett had to say here.

Now, does this current roster have the talent to compete for a Super Bowl? Probably not. But, we all know that there are funny bounces in this game, and injuries play a large part in a team's success or failure (cf. last year's team and record). So anything is possible. Especially at the end of July. In 100-degree heat.