Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shareholder Meet and Greet - It's All About the Pack!

More than 20,000 Green Bay Packers shareholders gathered inside Lambeau Field today for the annual shareholders meeting. This was the first time in seven years that the meeting was held at Lambeau. Outgoing President Bob Harlan received a standing ovation from those in attendance when he stated that he wanted to see all future shareholder meetings held inside Lambeau.

One of the big draws at this year's meeting, other than opportunities to get photos taken with Harlan, Ted Thompson and other officials, was the tour of the players' locker room, set up just as it would be on game day. The tour lasted about five minutes. Now, here is something only a Packer fan would understand: more than eight hours after the end of the shareholder's meeting, people were still lined up for that five minute tour...a five minute tour (hum the theme to Gilligan's Island here if you know it...everyone together now...).

There is no more passionate fan anywhere than a Packers fan. That's why we are: Packer Fans United!