Saturday, June 24, 2006

Here's a No-Brainer

From the online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Sports Poll of the Day:

Should the Packers' name be changed to the Wisconsin Packers?
No (95.2%)
Yes (4.8%)
Total votes: 744 (as of the time of this posting)

What I'd like to ask as a follow-up question is this:
Who are the boneheads that comprise the approximately 5 percent of the respondents who voted "yes"?

Possible answers:
Da Baerz fans -- ViQueens fans -- Members of Congress Looking for a Meaningless but Emotional Election Year Issue -- Conspiracy Theorists (isn't it obvious who's behind this???) -- Earnest T. Bass-style nutjobs

Pick one.*
* Note: above choices are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

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