Friday, June 09, 2006

Favre Talks

He walks, he talks, wait...that's something different. Never mind...

Ol' #4, Brett the Great, spoke to the media yesterday for the first time during the Packers' minicamp/OTA sessions. He looked buffed. He looked energized. And while he admitted that if training camp was called off altogether he would "high five" everyone, Favre still seemed excited about the prospects of the season. This despite the fact that one of his worst fears -- having to learn a new offense -- has apparently come true. There are new twists to this offense, as well as new terminology. Brett says he understands the play concepts, obviously, but is still getting used to the new language. "'Strong right' last year was something totally different," he said. One thing that he said he will definitely be doing before the start of training camp is studying the new playbook. Perhaps that's a good thing: "We have a played called Pennsylvania, which means . . . well, I'm not quite sure what it means. But I completed it today so that's a positive. You can see where I'm coming from." Indeed.

In recognition of the fact that he has a learning curve to go through -- albeit after 16 years in the league and at age 36 -- Favre indicated he will be on hand for the next two weeks of the team's OTAs, although he's leaving it up to Coach McCarthy to determine the days he actually practices. McCarthy had indicated in a press conference earlier this week that they have a plan for Brett and his practice field vs. training room regime is determined by that schedule. Sounds as if the coaching staff is pacing both Brett's on-field repetitions with his training room workouts. Something for the head...something for the body. Favre's overall conditioning is in the same mode as last year, when he hired a personal trainer during the offseason for the first time. Favre said, "I know age works against me, so I have to work twice as hard as I had to before and mentally be as sharp as I have in any of the previous 15 years." He also said that he's thrown more in this offseason that in the prior three years. Brett said his arm feels great, but it's just not in shape.He now feels that taking it slow with his practice throws is the best approach. The episode a few years ago with training camp tendinitis from overthrowing apparently also taught him a lesson. "I realize I am not just in my seventh year and I can just go out and wing it...But before I get some tenderness or something...It's better to be safe than sorry because tendinitis and things like that do take a long time to recover from."

All in all, it sounds as if the plan the coaching staff has for Brett is on track. And from watching video of the press conference, Ol' #4 seems to be gearing up for another great season.