Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You Just KNEW This Would Happen

Really. Was it so hard to figure that Packers CB Al Harris was so miffed at the boatload of cash the team gave free agent Charles Woodson that he'd hold out? I know, I know. It was only a month or so ago that Harris and his agent, Jack Bechta, were saying that he would be on hand for all mandatory practices, etc. camp...maybe not. Well, you know how it is...a month is a long time. And daddy needs a new pair of, wait...that's another game. Never mind.

The long and short of it is the same now as it was the moment the Pack signed Woodson: Harris' feelings are hurt. He feels dissed by the six-year, $18.635 million contract extension he signed in September 2004...wasn't forced to sign, but did. Maybe because he signed a deal with $7 million in bonuses that weren't all guaranteed is what's eating at him? Or maybe it really is that seven-year, $39.03 million deal Woodson signed that could pay him as much as $10.2 million in 2006 alone? Maybe it's the deal the Packers gave DE Aaron Kampman that included $12 million in guaranteed money?

A player is always going to feel slighted by someone making more money...which there will always be.

Get over it, Al!

Yes, you are one of the best bump-n-runners in the league and you really were the only real DB the Pack could count on last year. But...YOU SIGNED A FRIGGIN' CONTRACT!!! The average Joe can't decide to stay home from the office or factory or wherever just because the guy working next to him got a bigger raise or a better salary package. That's life. No one -- no one -- ever gets paid what they think they are worth. Truth be told, most people probably get paid more than they should be at certain times. It all balances out. Just do your job. The job YOU signed on to do under the terms YOU agreed to not even two years ago!