Friday, June 09, 2006

Buh-Bye Now

Perennial deadweight, defensive tackle Donnell Washington -- a former third round draft pick out of Clemson -- was cut by the Packers today. Washington showed up at the first minicamp so out of shape he was held out of practices. Basically sent home, he came back in slightly better shape, according to reports. But obviously Coach Mike McCarthy does not have the vested interest former GM/Coach Mike Sherman had in hanging on to this albatross (no disrespect to either the bird or Monty Python sketch of the same name). As noted in this blog's May 20 "Minicamp Meanderings" post, Washington never played in a game for the Packers. Not only did he not play, he was never even activated for any of the 33 games in which he could have played. With all the competition at the defensive tackle position, and with his obvious (apparently to everyone but former GM/Coach Sherman) lack of motivation, Washington knew his days were numbered. But apparently, he did little to redeem himself with the new coaching staff. Showing up to collect a paycheck you don't earn...sorry, more free ride. Good luck, don't let the door hit you on the way out.