Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Hawk Swoops Down

OK, I may be beating this bird headline theme (Hawk - Herron, get it?) to death...but I can't resist, sorry.

After missing the second team minicamp and the first two weeks of the Organized Team Activities (OTAs), the Packers first-round draft pick, A. J. Hawk, has finally landed in Green Bay. Hawk was finishing up his coursework and exams at Ohio State, leaving with a criminology degree. He didn't hang around for his Sunday graduation ceremony, though. After finishing things up on Friday, Hawk hopped in his car and drove to GB, saying he wanted to join the team as soon as he could. Hawk joined the #1 defense on Monday working on the weak side. According to reports, he fit right in and appeared to be well up to speed.

Hawk also is going to fit into the community very quickly. Shortly after the draft, Hawk and his fiancee closed on a house in the GB area. His fiancee has also enrolled in courses at UW-Green Bay while looking for work in local TV. (Hmmm...what do you think those local TV execs will do..."Should our station hire the fiancee of the new Packers' linebacker or not..." Yep, that's a toughie alright.)

In any event, Hawk says repeatedly that "it's all football" from here on. May it be thus for a long, long time, Mr. Hawk.