Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rock, paper, scissors?

OK, perhaps the title is not a precise metaphor for what the Packers are facing in terms of personnel issues at the moment. But it is almost that much of a game. Pick one unsigned receiver, take a flyer on that running back...or maybe that guy that's on the practice squad...what difference will it make? The Pack is going nowhere this year.

Today, just about anyone that could have walked into the Pack's practice facility probably could have gotten a tryout.

The Pack was bringing in Fred Ex, Freddie Mitchell, for a workout. He of the infamous 4th and 26 catch and the loud mouth. Donald Driver, quoted in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel today, said Mitchell was probably the best of the available receivers out there on the street right now. Former Philly teammate, Packer cornerback Al Harris, said he didn't think Mitchell would be a disruption in the locker room. Maybe a disruption in the locker room would actually be a good thing. Remember that similar comments were made when the Packers signed Andre Rison. All he did was help the Packers win their first Super Bowl in three decades. With Mitchell, the Pack would get a receiver who is capable of big plays, would take some of the pressure off likely double teams on Donald Driver, and knows the West Coast offense.

If the Pack decides that they don't want to deal with Mitchell, however, it may be they decide to stick with a wide receiver rotation of Driver, Antonio Chatman and rookie Jamal Jones along with more frequent multiple tight end sets to help stretch the defense.

As for the running back situation, the Pack is even more desperate for help. With only Tony Fisher and Rashard Lee available, someone is needed to provide a legitimate occasional breakaway threat. Former Packer Walt Williams and former Seattle Seahawk Kerry Carter are in for workouts today. Both know the system, with Williams having been a bubble player with the Packers for the last several years. The online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel quoted Packer fullback William Henderson (speaking of Walter Williams): "I would hope they look at him. Conditioning-wise and knowledge of the offense, it's a natural fit for a guy like Walter. We love the guy in the locker room. I hope everything works out for him."

For what it's worth, I do too.

Stay tuned as the personnel wheel slowly turns...