Saturday, October 01, 2005

0-3. Oy!!!

Now that I've emerged from my PPLD (Post Packer Loss Depression), I have a few things to say:
  • I actually had posted a fairly thorough review of the Bay of Pigs game the day after. It got dispersed into the blogosphere junk pile without me knowing how or why. After spending so much time in the cathartic writing process only to see it vanish in the blink of an eye...I then not only had to deal with the effects of PPLD, but also PBLS (Post Blog Loss Syndrome). You can see how the combination of these two would just send a poor soul right into a week-long tailspin.
  • My trusty laptop computer, on which I write this blog, may have seen its better days. I am now in a frequent pattern of BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). So toss in the BSOD with my PPLD and PBLS and it doesn't make for a good week for blogging.
OK...last week's game. Do we really want to go there? Again, let's keep it brief:
  • Missed extra point early in the game -- always an omen of doom...and it was.
  • Missed field goal...unexpected...but fell into the pattern established early by the missed PAT.
  • Penalties...again.
  • No rushing game...again...oh, will someone tell Sherman to run Green more than 20 times a game, please?!
  • Turnovers...again. OK, we finally got one too but did that really make any difference? Nah.
If the Pack loses at Carolina Monday night, Sherman's fate might be sealed. The Packers' administration is too genteel to pull the trigger and yank him mid-season. But does anyone doubt that Jim Bates came to GB just to be Defensive Coordinator? On the other hand, ESPN's Christ Mortenson this week claimed that the next coach of the Pack will be Philly's Offensive Coordinator, Brad Childress. When asked about this, Sherman said that that just guaranteed him another 10 years because Mortenson's never right about his predictions. Ya gotta love gallows humor.

More later...if technology cooperates.