Monday, October 03, 2005

Are You Ready for Some Football? It's Wavy Gravy Time!!!

OK, Packer fans...the Monday night game vs. Carolina is only hours away. Center Mike Flanagan was quoted on last evening's "Packers Blitz" show on WITI-TV6 as saying that the Pack had a very good week of practice. "You play like you practice," he noted. Let's hope it was a REALLY good week of practice.

Coach Mike Sherman's teams are notorious for their slow starts the last few years -- there's the subject of a whole other PFU blog entry! -- but a loss tonight would take this team places it hasn't been to in a long, long, long time.

So, looking at what we've seen from this team so far this year, and what we've been seeing from the coaching staff for several years now, I think it's time we break out what I like to call the "Wavy Gravy" invocation (did that Woodstock reference date me???). It goes like this (paraphrasing): "No loss. No loss. No loss." Got it? Good! All together now on three. One, two, three: "No loss. No loss. No loss." Repeat up to and through the entirety of the game. I believe it will be just as effective as a "very good" week of team practice.