Sunday, October 16, 2005

A bye? Oh my!

So what to do on a day without any football? Well, there are games, of course, but if the Pack isn't playing does it really matter? It does, a bit. In the big scheme of things -- i.e., the NFC North -- we find ourselves in that horribly conflicted place of deciding whether to root for daBearz or the ViQueens. I think this one's easy: gotta root for much as that goes against everything in nature.

Why? Because the Pack stands a greater chance of beating the daBearz twice than they do the ViQueens. I know, daBearz -- as I write this -- are thoroughly outplaying the Purple People. The ViQueens are coming off a week or so filled with the turmoil over their ill-advised "Love Boat" escapade, so were apt to be a bit distracted. One can only hope that malaise carries over to next week's game with the Pack in the HumpDome. But we all know the Pack's record in that place: not encouraging. That's why I still say daBearz are the team to root for today. Because come December, and the Pack's two games versus Chicago in that month, we are more apt to sweep them than the ViQueens.

As for the Lions...who cares?

With these thoughts for this bye day, I bid you bye-bye.