Thursday, October 20, 2005

Keep it simple.

It turns out that, along with all the personnel changes on the O-line, things might have just been a bit too complicated for a few of the lineman, particularly first-year Guard Will Whitticker. The Pack ranks 28th in the league in rushing. Abysmal. However, in the game against the Saints -- prior to Davenport going down -- they were actually having some success running for the first time this season.

With the return this week of Ahman Green -- who coaches say appears to be 100 percent -- and a simplified blocking scheme that the linemen can execute, there is an opportunity for the Pack to run. And they need to. When the team runs in the HumpDome effectively, results have been good. Green may have to carry the ball a lot more than he's used to so far this season. And with Davenport out for the year, the spot duty devolves to third-down back Tony Fisher and the new and unknown Rashard Lee. The coaches are anxious to see what Lee can do. But they and the fans would be more interested in seeing Green rush for 100 yards or more for the first time in a looooooonnnnngggg time.

If the Pack can shred the 'Queens the way the lowly Bears offense did last weekend, both through the ground and the air, the Pack comes away with a much needed and critical division win. With all the distractions around the 'Queens thanks to their "Love Boat" excursion, they are ripe for the picking if the Pack gets on them early. If not, the 'Queens could play like a cornered critter and give the Pack fits. Let's hope that the team that we saw play the Saints is the team that comes out to play this Sunday.