Saturday, October 08, 2005

Time for a fresh start...or at least a couple new starters.

So with the Packers roster resembling more of a MASH triage unit, the team has little choice but to go with some new starters. As of Friday, it sounded as if the starting offensive line could be any number of possible combinations. So put the names up on the dart board, close your eyes and -- fffttt, fffttt, fffttt -- there's your starters. Truth be told, it almost seemed as if the replacements played at least well if not better than the starters Monday night at Carolina.

Najeh Davenport will be getting a rare start in place of Ahman Green. Given that he will be a free agent next year this is an opportunity for him to show what he can do. Let's hope it's gain some know, more than 50 or 60 yards for the entire game.

Defensively, undrafted rookie Roy Manning will get his first start in place of the injured Na'il Diggs. Paris Lenon, who started last week, apparently failed to impress. The coaches have been impressed with Manning ever since training camp. Apparently they figure they don't have much to lose at this point by seeing what he can do.

Will all these new and untried starters help lead the Pack to its first win of the season against a vagabond Saints team? Going into the bye week at 1-4 would be a lot more preferable than 0-5.