Thursday, February 03, 2011

Can we just play the dang game!

By the time kickoff arrives on Sunday, the Pack -- and we fans -- will be more than ready for action. In fact, they're -- and we're -- already to roll. Can't we just play the dang Super Bowl already?!

This week is being filled with all sorts of stories. The game almost seems secondary at the moment. It's not, of course. It's the main thing. But what can you do to fill the void but look at past Super Bowl games, players, and so on. Also stories of the teams' fans. Some great stories on the national scene about how the Packers' fans are just...different. As if we didn't know that already. Lots of angles on the last-remaining small town team in the NFL, a community-owned team (approx. 112,000 shareholders...yours truly among them), a non-profit corporation besides. In fact, did you know that there is an NFL bylaw which now precludes the type of ownership and corporation which the Packers have? True.

Cosmic Debris
And in the miscellaneous and unrelated info category...
  • ESPN's Mel Kiper, Jr. this morning talked about how many teams are now regretting passing up drafting Aaron Rodgers. Ya think? Remember that as close as a week or so before the draft Rodgers was being discussed as a possible #1 pick. We all know -- thankfully for the Packers -- that he dropped mysteriously to #24 where Ted Thompson just had to take him. What a gift! Kiper noted that the ViQueens took two players ahead of Rodgers, both of whom are busts. The Redskins also could have picked up Rodgers, but didn't. A bunch of teams could have, but didn't. Kiper said he had Rodgers rated higher than 17 players who were also chosen before him, eight of whom are busts today. Some of us often think of the Pack as God's team (that "G" doesn't just stand for Green Bay, my friends!). Perhaps Rodgers falling into the Packers' lap is yet further evidence of that.
  • ESPN's Tom Jackson believes the X-factor in the upcoming game for the Packers will be rookie RB James Starks. Jackson related Starks' stats since becoming the Pack's featured running back (in fact, Starks is the leading rusher in the playoffs). Jackson also said that a real advantage Starks has is fresh legs. All he needs to do is pick up a couple yards per carry to get the Pack into short third down yardage and that will go a long way to helping open up the Packers' air attack...cue Aaron Rodgers.
  • LB Clay Matthews will be matched against aging veteran Flozell Adams. It's expected that Matthews will beat Adams like a rented mule. Figure the Steelers to give Adams help with a running back or other blocker, and that frees up someone else to break free on Ben Roethlisberger.
  • One of those guys who might be able to break free, or at the very least take up another double team and create yet another opportunity for defensive pressure is B.J. Raji. He will likely be nose-to-nose with the Steelers back-up center. Who's gonna win that match up more often than not?
If Aaron Rodgers has one of his usual outstanding dome games, and the Packers defense stops the Steelers rushing game and is able to contain -- and tackle! -- Roehtlisberger, the Lombardi Trophy will be coming back to Green Bay where it belongs. Make no mistake, this will be a dogfight. But the Packers are the better team...they just have to play like it. They've been doing just that for the last five games.

Four more quarters. Four more quarters.

Go Pack Go!!!