Monday, February 07, 2011

Post-Super Bowl Observations from a Friend

While yours truly is still working on collecting his collective thoughts after last night's tremendous Super Bowl XLV victory for our beloved Green Bay Packers, one of our infrequent posters, who goes by the username Winning is the Only Thing!, sent me the following comments and permission to post them here. So, without further ado and the reader's understanding that these are not the comments of your host, here's what Winning is the Only Thing! has to say about the game and more:

"I'll start with these couple of negative thoughts:
- There is nothing worse for this World Champion GB Packers team than a lock out. Additionally, there is nothing worse for the NFL than a lock out. DON'T LOSE THE MOMENTUM!!

- Jerry Jones must not be allowed to have anything to do with a Super Bowl ever again: not his team, not his stadium, not his planning, not his ego. Knowing for years that you will host the SB, how is it possible that there is unfinished/unsafe seating? I am not lawsuit-oriented, but affected fans should seek appropriate compensation from Jerry Jones' deep pockets. ("appropriate" = as much as possible).

The Positive:
- Aaron Rodgers is good. Trent Dilfer said in his analysis after the game that this will go down as one of the best QB performances in a SB, ever! That pass to Jennings for their first TD hookup was great. The slow motion shows it. Plus, dropped passes should have cost us the game. Rodgers and receivers bounced back. Plus, great protection by O-line and blitz pick-ups. Only gave up coverage sacks, IMHO.

- [Skip Bayless is a jerk!] (I just saw him on ESPN)

- McCarthy and Rodgers are great partners in this offense. Some of you probably know that because MM is so busy as head coach that he and Rodgers take some extra time one day of the week (Friday, I think) to talk one-on-one about the nuances of the game plan. They were on the same page at SB. MM said that he told Rodgers that he needed him to manage the game so that MM could be aggressive as a play-caller. Most of the calls were run-pass options which Rodgers had to determine when he came to the line. He chose well!!

- Just two years ago at this time MM cleared out his defensive coaching staff. Capers was a great "free agent" signing. I was told that Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist, Bob McGinn, once wrote that no head coach has ever made a wholesale defensive staff change and gone on to win SB (not until last night!). Defense played very, very well considering their personnel losses. Sheilds played with a bad wing. Great caused fumble by Matthews and Picket. Bush gets INT! Wow!

- Did I mention that Aaron Rodgers is good? Plus, the other day in a Green Bay TV station story from Dallas, a reporter ran into a couple dressed in Packer clothing coming out of a tourist site that had cancelled an event because of weather. Reporter decided to interview them and it turns out that they are Aaron's parents. Nice, humble people willing to chat with the reporter. Aaron comes from good stock.

I watched the game with (9 others). Not a lot of football knowledge in the room (except for xxx and yyy), but everybody was really into it. High fives and fist bumps aplenty. Adverts were average. Halftime show? The lights were nice. Music? Not so much."

There you have it folks. The insights of our friend Winning is the Only Thing!.

More later...