Sunday, February 06, 2011

I love of the smell of cheese in the morning...smells like...victory!

My Super Bowl homage to Apocalypse Now: I love the smell of cheese in the morning...The smell, you know that curdsy smell... Smells like...victory!

It's now less than seven hours until kickoff of Super Bowl XLV, when our beloved Green Bay Packers meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in a showdown of epic proportions. When it's two of the most storied franchises in the NFL, it can be described as nothing else. And, as my post of yesterday outlined, there are many reasons to predict a smash-mouth, physical football game. That's stating the obvious. But there are nearly as many reasons to predict a Packers' win, which I also did, calling it 31-24 in favor of the Pack.

But if you still have your doubts after my take on things yesterday, I encourage you to read the analysis of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Packers beat writer, Bob McGinn, who is acknowledged as one of the best in the business by the likes of Sports Illustrated's Peter King and others. In today's print and online edition, McGinn has an article entitled, "Packers have the horses to exploit Steelers' weaknesses". McGinn makes a solid case, as he says, that "On paper, the Packers would seem to have better players at more important positions, and consistency is their trademark. Those are two powerful forces in their favor." He notes also, however, that what matters will be how these teams play under the bright lights tonight. But unit by unit and player by player, McGinn makes the point that the Pack has the better combination of schemes and players to attack the Steelers' weaknesses rather than vice versa. It's a great article, well worth your time reading. Check it out here.

To Tweet or not to Tweet...
As followers of this blog know, but especially as followers of yours truly on Twitter know, I have generally made a habit of Tweeting during Packer games. Occasionally, circumstances don't permit that to happen and the Twitterverse is deprived of whatever maximum 140-character bit of wisdom might be inspired by a dropped pass, holding penalty, crushing hit, or huge first down, for example. Sad, but true. (By the way, if you want to follow the heretofore mentioned yours truly on Twitter, just hit the appropriately named "Follow me on Twitter" button in the righthand column below the Twitter feed. Yes, kids, it really is that easy!)

Today I will be watching the game with some friends at their home. While there will be computer and Wi-Fi access available, I'm not sure whether I'll want to be engaged in the therapeutic process of Tweeting rather than the stress-filled process of just watching the dang game and being intermittently entertained by the $3-million-per-30-seconds TV ads.

So, the purpose of this little notation is to just say...who knows? I'm really hoping all Packer fans have better things to do during today's game than looking for my occasional Tweets. You know, things like praying, making your sacrificial offerings, and generating a major positive thought vibe that descends upon the stadium in Dallas like a Texas tornado to help secure a Packers' victory. I mean, is that really too much to ask? I think not!

Finally...smell that air...the smell of cheese in the morning, afternoon and evening...that curdsy smell...Yes, my fellow Packer smells like...victory!

Go Pack Go!!!