Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The party's over...after one last party

Well, actually, as any fan of the Green Bay Packers knows, the party is never really over. Take a look at yesterday's "Return to Titletown" celebration at Lambeau Field, for example. It was the victory party love fest between Packers players, coaches, staff, management and fans. Fifty-six thousand -- 56,000! -- tickets were sold at $5 a piece with half the amount going to charity. Many tickets were re-sold for up to 28 times face value. The air temperature was near zero and wind chills were below zero. Fans showed up hours ahead of time to do what Packer fans do: tailgate. Beer and brats flowed as if it was a game day event. And when the hour-long festivities began at 4 p.m., the people reveled in the Green 'n' Gold afterglow of a fourth Super Bowl trophy and the team's 13th overall NFL Championship title, more than any other franchise in league history.

There's no place like Green Bay. There's no team like the Packers. And the best part is, the team is well-positioned to give things a run again next year. Yes, some players will be lost to free agency...if there is a season next year, that is. But 16 players will be coming off IR, including a bunch of players who were starters before their injuries sent them to the sideline for the season.

Yes, I should probably be doing more of a post-game and season analysis right now, I suppose. And maybe I will yet. But really, there's a ton of that info already available to the dedicated fan. Maybe I'll kick in some thoughts on things if they seem worth saying.

But it just feels so darn good to see this team -- devastated early on by injury after injury -- rise to the challenge and complete an astounding run on the road as the 6th seed to bring the Lombardi Trophy back home to Green Bay. That's sweet.

And that's why, while the party might be over in one sense, it will go on for a long, long time yet to come.

Go Pack Go!!!