Saturday, January 29, 2011

Topless Packers Road Trip

Now, don't get the wrong idea, Packers's not that kind of topless. We're talking here about a topless PackerMobile. Or, in other words, a convertible...but with no top whatsoever. See for yourself:
Yes, two intrepid Wisconsin Packers fans, Mark "The IceMan" Madson (Clinton, WI) and Dieter "The SnowMan" Sturm (Lake Geneva, WI), have in their own words begun "an epic adventure trip, leaving from the Tundra of Wisconsin's Green Bay Lambeau Field southbound in their 1978 El Dorado Cadillac Convertible (no top) to support the Green Bay Packers to victory in Dallas at Super Bowl XLV."

Yes, this is what Packer fans do. Just watch...

For those amongst the readership who are geographically challenged, here is what the gentlemen's route will look like:

If memory serves, it's a long drive -- approximately 1,100+ miles -- from Green Bay to Dallas (I'm sure someone will Mapquest that to find out for sure). That's quite a ride in a topless convertible. Especially in the dead of winter. But Packer fans know no bounds of enthusiasm. Or common sense. It makes us who we are!

Of course, Messrs. Madson and Sturm aren't just winging it. They do have a schedule, as tentative as it might be at the time of this posting:
Thursday - Sunday: PREP FOR THE TRIP
Monday - Travel to Green Bay to start Epic Adventure
Tuesday - LEAVE Wisconsin TO SUPER BOWL XLV Dallas
ARRIVAL to Dallas (Hopefully) Thursday PM or Friday AM

If I read this correctly the largest segment of the trip is the preparation. OK, we can understand that. If it's like the road trips from college days...well...never mind...moving right along...

If you're interested in learning more about Mike and Dieter's most excellent Packers adventure, check out their website here. And, yes, sponsorships are available. Really. Why not? There's only one Super Bowl XLV.