Sunday, January 23, 2011

Packers vs. Da Bearz Championship - A Dream

This is the day. Finally! The day our beloved Green Bay Packers send the Chicago Bears back to hibernation. The Pack then gets ready for Super Bowl XLV in Dallas. For those who haven't yet read my preview/prediction of yesterday, I am -- shocking! -- picking the Packers to beat Da Bearz, 24-17.

But perhaps like many fans, I didn't sleep really well last evening. Kept tossing and turning. Was very calm until then, apparently. But the excitement builds consciously and subconsciously, right? Like many, my blood pressure will start to go up as game time approaches. And I'll probably be hyperventilating throughout the game until I hear the radio voice of the Packers, Wayne Larrivee, declare, "!"

Anyway, in my somewhat agitated sleep state of last evening, a dream came to me. And in it, I have to say I see a premonition of what's to come today. So take a look, and see if you agree...

The clues to a win for the Packers are many here: the bear is scared and up a tree; a more advanced mammal aims to take it down; a knockout shot is delivered; the bear bounces and lands on the ground with a thud (obviously representative of Jay Cutler getting sacked over and over); the bear being hauled away by a strongman (a Clay Matthews-like avatar); the reference to years of therapy being needed by the bear (referring to Bears' fans at any point in time, really) and lastly, the 6-pack comment by whats-his-name the announcer...what could be more Wisconsin?

So, that dream pretty clearly seals the deal, don't you think? The real dream, of course, begins after today's win. It's the dream of heading to the Super Bowl again and bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to where it belongs: Green Bay, Titletown, USA!

Go Pack Go!!!