Sunday, September 05, 2010

Packers GM Ted Thompson says...

Ted Thompson, GM of the Green Bay Packers, just concluded a 20-minute press conference at which he answered questions from the media regarding the roster cuts, waivers, etc. Here in no particular order is a summary of some of the things Thompson had to say.
  • Several questions were asked at the start about defensive back and returner, Will Blackon, why he was put on injured reserve, the pending injury settlement, etc. From what Thompson said, it sounded as if the Packers are still interested in what Blackmon could offer but when push came to shove regarding getting down to 53 players, they had no choice given Blackmon's health status but to do what they did. Apparently, there are scenarios under which Blackmon could still be available to the Packers this season because of the use of the injury settlement. Depending on the date that is finalized -- and Thompson made it clear he would not discuss such details -- Blackmon could be activated as early as 6 weeks after the date of injury settlement. Thompson basically said they will see where things are at at that time.
  • Thompson stated that the Packers did not put in waiver claims on any players.
  • When asked about carrying 3 fullback and 4 tight ends, Thompson said that he just felt those players had earned spots on the team. He also said several times that he feels very good about the 53 men they have on the current roster.
  • When asked about FB Quinn Johnson, Thompson said he thought Johnson was "very valuable," and will be especially so in November and December when you need to get tough yards. He felt Johnson was a powerful lead blocker and his value would really be demonstrated in those situations where tough yards are needed.
  • When asked about TE/LB Spencer Havner, Thompson said that cut was not an easy call because of all that Havner has done. He said the decision was more a factor of what the other players had done rather than what Havner had not done. (Havner, by the way, has been claimed on waivers by Detroit.)
  • Thompson was asked about retaining rookie TE Andrew Quarless on the basis of "potential." Thompson grinned and replied, "Potential is overrated." He then added, "We want to win and win now." Amen, Ted, amen.
  • In reply to a question about what he liked about undrafted rookie LB Frank Zombo, Thompson said, "I was very impressed with Frank." He then discussed in some detail how Zombo had sustained and then practiced and played through a pretty severe ankle injury. He noted that Zombo "made the team because he showed he could play at a high level."
  • Thompson also mentioned that the announcement of the practice squad players would be made "first thing tomorrow." It has already been reported through his agent that the Packers signed QB Graham Harrell to the squad.
  • Thompson stated that they view FB John Kuhn as a viable option at running back "in certain schemes."
  • As for his linebacking corps, Thompson used such words as "athletic," "play hard," "quality" and "a pretty good group" when describing them.
Check back tomorrow for info on the practice squad signings and any other ramblings yours truly happens to kick out.