Sunday, September 12, 2010

Packers beat Eagles 27-20

"We're calling this one...Packers 27 - Eagles 20."

That's the way I concluded my post of earlier today with the prediction for today's game between the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles. Wow. Surprised even myself. Nailed it! Not just the victory call but the actual score. (Anyone know when the last flight to Vegas leaves tonight???)

What a hard-fought first game it was. Some very good plays and some that left a lot to be desired. But the Packers showed the heart of a champion by coming up big when they needed to, even while not playing their best football.  A few concerning injuries to Ryan Grant (ankle sprain), Justin Harrell (likely a torn ACL...stick a fork in him, he's done), Cullen Jenkins (multiple hand fractures but played with a cast) and Nick Collins (bruised ribs). But despite these injuries and game gltiches, it's great to finally come out of Philadelphia with the first win in 10 tries going all the way back to 1962. Holy Vince Lombardi, Batman! Yes, it really has been that long.

More on this victory via a post-game review here at on Monday. Check back then. For the moment, just enjoy being 1-0 on the road know where we're headed...Go Pack Go!!!

Lions get hosed on lousy call in Chicago
For those who watched the Lions and Da Bearz in the early game today, you just had to shake your head at the winning touchdown for Detroit that was taken away. A clear touchdown catch by Calvin Johnson -- two feet down, knee down, ball placed on the ground and released as in the origin of "touch down" -- was ruled an incomplete pass because they said he didn't control the ball completely in the "process" of the catch. A-wha??? One of the worst calls I've seen in ages. Or at least since the same call made on a catch/non-catch by Greg Jennings last a game against...Da Bearz! we see a theme emerging? Well, hey, it's Chicago and all sorts of funny things just seem to happen in Chicago every once in a while, ya know?

But it's just not my opinion. Check out some of the football fan reaction over at about this call. It about sums it up: Da Bearz got a gift handed to them. And that's about the only way they can get a win.