Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Packer Fans United now part of Yardbarker Network

Green Bay Packers fans: just in time for the start of the 2010 regular season, has affiliated with the Yardbarker sports network which in turn is affiliated with (yeah, a lot of affiliatin' goin' on, isn't there?). You can see some of the effects of this development in our right hand column, which -- along with all the regular links, etc. you've come to know and love -- now features recent headlines served up by Yardbarker, which as its tagline says, has "Realtime Rumors, Gossip, Opinions and Humor from the Best Sports Blogs."

Basically, it just means more ways for more readers to find and read, and for readers here to have access to more content.

But wait! There's More!
The affiliating hasn't stopped with Yardbarker, Packer fans. Yours truly is now the designated Packers blogger for the Football Fan Spot site. If you want to check out the Packers page just click here. Currently, it has verbiage from the site owner and a link to a bio of sorts for this writer. It will be featuring at least one post a week from me during the season. You'll also find a link to the site in the Links section in the right hand column.

Why am I doing all this? Hmmm...well, I guess it boils down to love for the Packers. That explains a lot of aberrant behavior, doesn't it?

Anyway...thanks again for your continued support. Please keep coming back. And if you feel so inclined, click through on the various headlines, ads, links and logos which appear all down the right hand side of this blog. Maybe even take a look at the store and stock up on some great stuff: clothes stuff, gift stuff, that kinda stuff. 'Tis the season. Or at least it will be starting September 12 in Philly.

Go Pack Go!!!