Sunday, November 01, 2009

Packers lose to ViQueens, 38-26

In a game of ups and downs -- mainly on the Packers side of things -- the Pack once again came up short against the ViQueens and Ol' #4. The game looked like it would be a blow out after halftime, but the Packers rallied and made a game of it almost till the end. But making a game of it and winning the game are not the same thing.

Once again, the Packers slipped back into a mode of play similar to several weeks ago: penalties, special teams breakdowns, missed field goal, missed turnover opportunities, no sacks on Brett Favre and sacks allowed on Aaron Rodgers. And those errors, as in the first game, cost the Packers. They didn't against lesser opponents; they did against the 'Queens.

The result is that Favre swept the Pack, and the 'Queens are 3 games up in the North Division at roughly half-way through the schedule. Unless Minnesota does one of their typical fold-a-roonies (been known to happen), the Packers will likely be battling for a wild card spot in the playoffs. Anything can still happen. But this is the reality of where things stand now, with the Packers at 4-3 going into their game next week at Tampa Bay.

There will no doubt be much more to say upon further reflection. But for's over...and we're out.