Thursday, November 05, 2009

Clifton & Tauscher to start?

Does working as the main offensive tackles during practice mean those same players will start the upcoming game? Why not, especially if they are veterans Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher. Clifton replaced rookie T. J. Lang and Tauscher replaced Allen Barbre for most of the snaps Wednesday with the #1 offense.

With the state of the O-line being similar to a sieve so far this season, let's hope that these veterans -- both coming off injuries, including one major knee rehab in the case of Tauscher -- are able to help keep QB Aaron Rodgers upright. Rodgers, BTW, did not practice yesterday as he is still gimping around with a sprained foot and a sprained toe on the other foot. With the pounding he's taken in the form of 31 sacks it's a wonder that's all that's injured.

Clearly, if Rodgers doesn't get better protection from here on out he won't last the season. Clifton and Tauscher can hopefully give him a fighting long as they stay healthy, that is. And, longer term, Ted Thompson must address the offensive line situation which has been a problem basically since Thompson's been in the GM seat. But that's a story for another day.

The score that never happened before
According to, as reported by 620WTMJ radio (got that reporting lineage?), the 38-26 final score of Sunday's game has never occurred before in the history of the NFL. In this case, not the kind of first a team really wants to be part of, is it?