Sunday, November 08, 2009

A new low: Pack loses to Tampa Bay

The Packers hit a season low today, losing to the heretofore winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38-28. The Bucs were 0-7 coming into this game, but had actually lost 11 in a row going back to last season.

In other games against bad teams, the Packers were able to overcome their own mistakes; not so this game. Six sacks, three interceptions, blocked punt for a TD, untimely penalties, special teams breakdowns, blown opportunities...the same ol' same ol'.

I'm sure coach Mike McCarthy will say something like, we'll take a look at the film and get it corrected. Coach, you've said that after every loss. And it's still not corrected. What is the problem? If a team continues to make the same mistakes over and over it's the coaching, not the players...although the problems with the offensive line are clearly obvious and have been for a long time.

Clearly, special teams has not improved. And how and why defensive coordinator Dom Capers wasn't able to bring enough pressure on a rookie QB to keep him from winning a game, is anyone's guess. But the ultimate responsibility lies with the head coach. And it seems as if that's the job that's not getting done.

The details of this loss will be recapped later. It's all too much to regurgitate, although that's about all that a fan feels like doing at this moment...yes, I want to hurl. The Packers got outcoached and outplayed. The Raymond James Stadium jinx hit again: the Pack has now lost 7 of 8 there.

The only good news of the day is that Da Bearz also lost, at home, against the Cardinals. Mediocrity is .500. And that's where both the Packers and Da Bearz sit at 4-4. And if you can't beat 0-7 Tampa, what chance is there of beating the Cowboys next Sunday? Not much. Especially being coached like this.