Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Offseason comparison of Pack - Vikes

Let's move from the gutwrenching emotional loss to the guys in funky purple "uniforms" to a more rational comparison of the Packers and ViQueens. Thankfully, one of the very good sportswriters at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Tom Silverstein, has done it so you are spared my ramblings.

Silverstein begins by stating the obvious: right now, the 'Queens are a better team that the Packers. And then he goes on to point out some other disturbing stats. For example, "...only two of the Packers' 10 victories since 2008 have been against teams that had a winning record at the time (Indianapolis and Chicago in '08)...". Yeah, that's not good.

And here's another fact that will make the heads of the Ted Thompson haters explode: "The Vikings have added at least one big-time player each of the last four years and are to the point now where they may have as many as 11 players selected to the Pro Bowl this year." Bottom line, as Silverstein writes, is that "It doesn't take a football genius to figure out who has been doing the better job acquiring talent."

Dang, ya just hate to go quite that far. That's the kind of statement that makes your stomach start to churn. Or, at least, if not those of Packers' fans then those of Mark Murphy, Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy.

Hope they read Silverstein's article. But if they don't you can do so here. Well worth it.