Sunday, November 22, 2009

Packers - 49ers Preview

The 5-4 Packers meet the 4-5 49ers at Lambeau Field today. The weather is exceptionally good for a late November game: in the low 50s and sunny. So no advantage on that front today.

So, what can we we expect? That's the question, Bunky, that's the question. Will we see the Packers that played their most complete game of the season last week in their beat-down of Dallas? Or will we see the Packers that layed an egg in Tampa the week before? Given the up and down nature of the season so far, it's hard to know.

This game is as important to the Packers as the game last week versus the Cowboys. And they had better play as such. Because the 49ers are going to be as formidable an opponent as they've played. Yes, the record might not show that. But 49ers head coach Mike Singletary will have his team well prepared to take on the Pack. They are a physical team on defense, in the mold of the old linebacker Singletary himself. And they have weapons on offense in the form of TE Vernon Davis, rookie WR Michael Crabtree and RB Frank Gore. They are finally starting their former #1 overall draft pick, Alex Smith, at quarterback...but in a head-to-head comparison, let's all be grateful that the Niners opted for him rather than our own Aaron Rodgers with that pick. (And to hear Rodgers talk about it, he's also glad the way that worked out too.)

Of course, the Packers have weapons of their own...on both sides of the ball. Edge goes to the Packers on that front.

The Packers are 6-1/2 point favorites. If the Packers play the way they played against Dallas, they should cover that spread. If they decide to go into cruise control ahead of the Turkey Day game in Detroit, they could land with a thump today and be back to .500.

I don't believe that will happen. I believe it will be a close, hard fought game. And I'm taking the Packers 24-20 over the Niners.

Go Pack Go!!!