Sunday, September 28, 2008

Separated shoulder for Rodgers?

Fourth game. That's when Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers may have sustained an injury that puts his season -- in whole or in part -- in jeopardy.

During a post-game interview, Rodgers told the media he thinks he actually may have dislocated the shoulder of his throwing arm. Rodgers will have a series of tests on Monday to evaluate the injury.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy is quoted as saying he has "no idea" if Rodgers will be able to play next week against the Falcons. "It's too early to tell," McCarthy said.

Can you say, "Oh-oh"?

If Rodgers can't go, the Packers have two rookies to fall back on. Matt Flynn was designated as the #2 QB before the start of the season, winning a battle with fellow rookie Brian Brohm. Flynn relieved Rodgers today on the series or two that Rodgers was out before returning to the game, and in mop up duty at the end. It would help if the Packers had a running game to help Flynn if he has to start. Unfortunately, that's something that seems to be missing from the Packers' offense right now. Twenty-eight yards rushing -- the total for today's game -- isn't going to do much...for any quarterback.

You can read more about this situation here and here.

Oh...and that guy who used to start for us? He threw for his own personal best and franchise tying 6 TDs today. Just sayin'...

Post-game review
Green Bay Press-Gazette sports editor Mike Vandermause has an excellent take on today's game and its implications going forward. His column's headline will give you a clue where he's coming from: "Where to begin with this mess?".

Here's just a tidbit: "There’s one big problem. The Packers are committing so many mistakes on so many levels that it will be difficult for McCarthy to figure out where to begin."

Read the entire column here. It doesn't paint a pretty picture. Nor do some of the reader comments that follow the column.