Sunday, September 21, 2008

Halftime: Packers 6 - Cowboys 13

Courtesy of a fumble and a misdirection running play that went for a 60-yard touchdown, combined with some sloppiness on offense, the Packers find themselves behind at halftime by a score of 13-6. The Packers had one good drive stall out in the red zone, where they had to settle for a field goal. The Pack did dodge a bullet when Nick Collins picked off a Tony Romo pass in the endzone and returned it to the Cowboys' 43-yard line. Unfortunately, the Pack was again unable to keep a drive going and had to settle for another field goal.

While the Packers defense was able to hold the Cowboys out of the endzone after the Packers turned the ball over on a fumble by Ryan Grant on the second offensive play of the game, they have really not been able to get much pressure on Romo. Charles Woodson (not Al Harris) has been able to keep Terrell Owens in check so far. But running back Marion Barber has been able to keep drives going with his hard-hitting running. And Felix Jones popped that 60-yarder.

The ball seems to be bouncing Dallas' way, which always gives one that sinking feeling. Case in point: a Cowboys pass reception that was fumbled up into the air and caught by another Cowboy for a first down. Another: a fumble by Romo on a rare sack with about 17 seconds left in the half inside the red zone would have been a big stop for the defense...if we'd been able to recover. Instead, the 'boys kept the ball and were able to rack up another field goal.

The Packer offense must be much sharper and much more productive on the ground in the second half in order to open up the air game. The defense has kept the Packers in the game, only down by a touchdown. The score could be much higher on the part of the 'boys. So even though the ball has been bouncing their way, the Packers are still very much in this game. But they have to get the offense in gear.