Monday, September 29, 2008

Latest on Rodgers' shoulder

The Packers are saying that QB Aaron Rodgers has a sprained shoulder, and that he will rehab it today and tomorrow before testing it in practice on Wednesday. Head Coach Mike McCarthy said at his news conference today that they'll be able to better assess then whether Rodgers will be able to go against the Falcons this weekend or not. He indicated that there was no structural damage and that Rodgers definitely wanted to play if he is able to do so.

Trent Dilfer -- he played QB, didn't he? -- said on ESPN's "NFL Live" show today that he had talked to Rodgers and that "Rodgers is in a lot of pain." Dilfer said there are two issues: one is the pain, the other is the ability to execute. He made the point that every player has to manage pain, but it's different for a quarterback because the pain -- particularly in the throwing shoulder and arm -- can affect one's ability to execute properly, which can obviously have a major impact on a game.

Ya think???