Monday, September 08, 2008

Packers kickoff just minutes away

For the first time since Lynn Dickey in 1983, a quarterback other than Brett Favre will be under center for the Packers on Monday Night Football. That is the historic nature of tonight's game for Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau against the ViQueens.

Those fans attending will have a rather unique memento of the occasion, too: their ticket has the face of ol' #4 staring back at them. Why? You may recall that when Brett decided to retire -- before he decided to unretire -- tonight's game was scheduled to retire his number. Great festivities. Etc. Now...not. Well, of course there will still be the excitement and thrills of the season opener at home. Then throw in the extra buzz that comes with Monday Night Football and it does still warrant our attention. Even without you-know-who who just happened to throw a couple TD passes yesterday in a winning effort for the NY, Jets, sorry.

But, let's get to tonight's game. Center Scott Wells and wide receiver James Jones are both inactive tonight. But A.J. Hawk and KGB are active. Those are probably the biggest names of note for the Packers whose absence or presence could affect the game. RB Ryan Grant will literally see his first carry of this season, having been active for a mere one play in the final preseason game. Don't expect him to carry the ball 20-30 times. Instead, expect to see a fair share of Brandon Jackson. How well the offensive line can open a lane for either back will also then determine to a degree how good a night QB Aaron Rodgers will have. And, as MNF commentator Tony Kornheiser said during a brief on-air interview with WTMJ radio in Milwaukee this afternoon, the pressure on Rodgers just increased exponentially given Favre's performance yesterday. It's bad enough to have to replace a legend, he said; it's even worse when that same guy threw a couple TD's and won the day before.

So...let's go. Packers 17 - Vikings 14.

Go Pack Go!!!