Sunday, September 21, 2008

Packers drop game to Cowboys 27-16

In the end, the Packers offense couldn't take advantage of the early opportunities it had inside the Dallas red zone and couldn't generate enough multi-play series' in the second half to rest their defense. Result? Field goals instead of touchdowns, and a a worn down defense that allowed an unknown receiver by the name of Miles Austin to rack up more than 100 receiving yards and a touchdown. You make those kind of mistakes against a team like Dallas and you're going to lose. And the Packers did. For the first time in five trips to Lambeau, the Cowboys finally score a win, 27-16. They go to 3-0 and the Packers go to 2-1.

The Pack didn't play their best. Neither did the Cowboys. The Packers had opportunities early and didn't capitalize. There were crucial penalties, often on the return team that left the Pack in poor field position for a good chunk of the game.

The details become somewhat irrelevant at this point. We can review them at a later time if need be. But when you play flat on national TV and lose one at home against the hated Cowboys, what more detail do you really need to know?

The Pack still sit atop the NFC North. As predicted here in the preview post, Da Bearz lost (in OT) to the Bucs and the Lions bit the dust in San Francisco; the ViQueens, however, messed up the day with a win against the Panthers.

The Packers head to Tampa Bay next weekend. More on that game as the week moves along.

This was one the Pack could have been in more than they were. Why they weren't will be the point of conversation this week.