Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sunday, Sunday...

Sunday. The Sabbath. The day of rest. A time to reflect. And, at least this Sunday, a time for at least one church in Wisconsin (guarantee: there are plenty more!) to move up its late Sunday afternoon service so folks can get home in time for kickoff.

The Madison Church of Christ is bumping it's usual 5 p.m. service to 4 p.m. And they recommend service-goers wear their Packers gear as well. (Now this is an enlightened church!) A smart move by the MCC. Instead of preaching to an empty church, now there is at least a chance of a few folks in the pews. (Pewgating, anyone?)

This is not an unusual occurrence in Wisconsin. Going back as long as I can remember -- which is longer than I can actually remember -- there have been instances of churches of all denominations moving schedules around to accommodate Packers' games. There also have been more than a few priests and ministers over the years that have cut their sermons short and hurried through their 11 a.m. services on game day so they could be back in their rectories for noon kickoffs. And there is at least one church not far from Lambeau Field that has been known to cancel or reschedule Sunday services to make their parking lot available for fans...for a small donation to the collection bucket, of course. (Let's see: regular Sunday collection, or parking fees...hmmm...?)

It's well known that the Packers are the Almighty's favorite team. When you have the professionals -- that would be the reverends -- making all these moves, that becomes even more evident.