Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The best QB of all time? Might not be who you think.

There's an interesting -- and very cogent -- analysis of the 10 best QBs of all time at coldhardfootballfacts.com. Two Packers are on the list. Actually, one is ranked #1 and the other is ranked #10.

But it might not be who you think at #1: Bart Starr.

They make the point that Starr has perhaps never really gotten his due in the "greatest" discussions. But they set forth a compelling case. Five world championships is a heckuva starting point. So is Starr's playoff record: 9-1. But if you want to know more -- and there is much more -- and see who else is on the list, check it out here.

Brett Favre is listed at #10, although the site says this season is what bumped him into the top 10. What has him so low, then? His play in the big games. Given recent history, that's a fair critique perhaps.

This is another of those lists that makes for good discussion material. Especially since the author(s) of this list state clearly that all the others are wrong. Hey, Starr's on top and Brett's on the list? Hard to argue with those picks. Although some of those left off the list...well, see for yourself. Then...you decide. (Was that stated with enough feigned drama?)