Saturday, January 12, 2008

End of half: Packers 28 - Seahawks 17

What a game! The 2nd quarter began with a Seattle screen pass and a hard hit from Atari Bigby causing a fumble, recovered by Aaron Kampman at Seattle's 16-yard line. A few plays later, Brett threw a beautiful touch fade pass to Greg Jennings in the endzone. Packers 21 - Seattle 14.

The Pack then held Seattle on their next drive to fourth and inches. However, Brandon Jackson roughed the punter and the Seahawks were able to continue their drive, culminating in a 29-yard field goal. Packers 21 - Seattle 17.

The Packers the drove the ball down the field. The highlight of the drive was Brett nearly getting tripped up in the pocket, stumbling out, seeing Donald Lee a few yards ahead, pitching the ball to him and getting a first down. A few plays later, Ryan Grant rushed the ball in from the 3 to put the Packers ahead 28-17 going into the half.

The 28 first half points by the Packers tied their own playoff record from 1983 set by the Lynn Dickey-led Packers.

Take a deep breath Packers fans. Amidst the snow, the turnovers, the hard hitting, and the great play by Brett and others, the Packers lead by 11. If they continue to play with the urgency and passion of the first half, Seattle might as well start packing for home. But you know a Mike Holmgren-led team won't go away easily. They'll try for more turnovers, which is the only way they can stay in the game. Packers turnovers and penalties in the first half led directly to the 17 points the Seahawks now have. If the Pack doesn't turn the ball over and plays as crisply as they did in the first half, we can take this one to the bank. But let's just make sure we close it out strong and give next week's NFC Championship Game opponent a lot of things to worry about.

Go Pack Go!!!