Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bart Starr to be honorary captain Sunday

Who could be a more fitting Packers' honorary captain for the coldest game since the Ice Bowl except the quarterback of that legendary game?

According to the Packers' official website, Bart Starr will be the honorary captain for this Sunday's game, and is thrilled by the honor. And, should the Packers win the game, he will also present the championship trophy to the team. While Brett Favre will be a first ballot lock for the Hall of Fame, Bart is already there. Any QB that leads their team to five championships should be, right? Bart has been a Packer through and through, not only during his playing career but afterwards, as well, as head coach and always as a faithful supporter of the franchise. He was and is a true Packer Legend.

If you want to read more about Bart, his role Sunday, and a few of his memories of that last really cold game 40 -- count 'em, 40! -- years ago, click here.