Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Packers vs. Giants in NFC Title Game

Who'da thunk it at the beginning of the year? The Pack vs. the Giants in the NFC Championship Game? At Lambeau Field next Sunday? Quite an improbable season for both teams.

The Giants took care of the Cowboys 21-17 in Dallas this evening, with the Giants' defense coming up big when it needed to down the stretch, finishing with an interecption in the endzone on 4th down in the closing seconds of the game. Let's hear that sound of heartbreak for Dallas, shall we? (sound of crickets only here) Yeah, it's a shame. (Apply your own sarcastic tone as you say that.) It's the first time since the NFL seeding process was instituted in 1990 that the #1 seed lost in the Divisional playoff round. Awwwwwww...

There will be more on this upcoming game in the days ahead, of course. But for now, isn't it sweet to know that the Title game comes back to Lambeau, and the Pack is one step away from going to the Super Bowl? Oh, yeaaaaaaaaaah, baby!!!