Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pundits Pan the Pack's Picks

If you haven't already heard all that there is to say about how poorly most sports pundits viewed the Packers draft selections, here they are in one convenient place, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Some interesting comments, if not surprising evaluations.

And while it's still early in the voting (approx. 1,400 votes at the time of this posting), apparently, fans grading of the Packers draft in the online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel poll seem to be even more pessimistic than were fans responding to the PackersNews.com online poll mentioned here yesterday. Roughly 85 percent of fans responding to this poll graded the draft a C or worse:

What grade would you give the Packers' draft?
A (3.6%)
B (17.6%)
C (33.3%)
D (29.9%)
F (15.6%)
Total votes: 1,383

So...lots of folks think the Pack didn't fill any real needs. Packers management, on the other hand, say they take the best player available and don't pick for need. Let's just hope that some of those "best players" wind up filling some very big needs. Otherwise...it could be a very stressful season. Let's hope the only stress we see is about winning playoff games and heading to the Super Bowl.