Saturday, May 26, 2007

Harlan's Retirement Delayed: Jones Takes Leave of Absence

Bob Harlan, long-time President and CEO of the Packers, was all set to step into retirement this next week and become Chairman Emeritus. His hand-picked successor, John Jones, was to take over. But now? Not. Or at least, not yet.

According to a press release from the Green Bay Packers "John Jones, president and COO of the Packers, has taken a leave of absence for personal reasons. Peter Platten, speaking on behalf of the organization's Executive Committee, made the announcement Saturday.

'We determined that it would be mutually beneficial for John to take a leave of absence while we continue our evaluation of the situation and collectively determine next steps,' said Platten. 'John will be on leave until the Executive Committee and John conclude that process.'

'It's been a very difficult year but also a wonderful year in many respects,' said Jones. 'I need to step back and recharge my batteries. I will take this leave of absence. The Executive Committee and I mutually agreed that it was in the best interests of the Green Bay Packers to take this step.'

Bob Harlan will continue to serve as the principal executive of the Green Bay Packers for a period of time to be determined, as Chairman of the Board,Platten also announced.

'Everyone knows what a great leader Bob has been for this organization over the past 18 years,' said Platten. 'We are pleased that Bob has agreed to provide leadership continuity for the organization. The Executive Committee has tremendous confidence in Bob and his capable staff.'"

Jones had health problems not that long ago. One has to wonder what the nature of this leave of absence is all about. Stay tuned.