Monday, May 28, 2007

"Health was not an issue," Harlan says

According to a report in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel of a telephone interview with Packers' CEO, Bob Harlan, the mutually agreed upon leave of absence of incoming CEO John Jones did not have anything to do with health concerns. As Harlan is quoted as saying, speaking to questions about Jones' health, "Health was not an issue."

Harlan reiterated, without really stating it as such, that there were increasing concerns over Jones' management ability. "We started hearing about management issues," Harlan is quoted as saying. According to the article, those concerns were raised by staff members who came to Harlan with their concerns. "In the last three weeks it became very prominent. More than one person brought this to my attention." The issues did not revolve around personal conduct or ethical issues, Harlan said. Details beyond that, however, are still sketchy.

What exactly was raising management concerns at this stage of the transition process from Harlan to Jones may not be known for some time. Or, in a flash of candor from someone in the know, we may also learn what was really going on. For now, it is enough to know that Bob Harlan will continue his capable command. He's earned a well-deserved retirement, no doubt. But first, some more work to be done...which seems to now include finding a new and capable successor.

You can read the article about the interview here.


In an online sports poll as to whether John Jones will return to become CEO of the Packers, more than 96 percent of nearly 1,000 fans at the time of this posting say "No." You can vote here.

Do you think John Jones will eventually return to become CEO of the Packers?
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