Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Report: Favre Says This is It...At Least in Green Bay

We know that Brett Favre was not happy with what transpired with the Packers' most recent draft. He was frustrated with the lack of the Pack's ability to trade for Randy Moss. Now he says he's not going to attend this weekend's mandatory minicamp because he'd prefer to continue his ankle rehab in Mississippi. Only problem is, Coach McCarthy hasn't excused him from participating. Hmmm...

Tonight, according to a report on WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee, its sister radio station 620WTMJ-AM is reporting (follow that, folks: this is a report of a report of a report!) that Brett has told Coach McCarthy that this will be his last year with the Packers; either he will retire or he will ask to be traded at year end because he can no longer play for Ted Thompson. Oh boy.

This report flies in the face of the upbeat "statement" by Brett posted on the Packers website yesterday in the aftermath of all the Moss hubbub. Something doesn't fit. They both can't be correct.

Brett is already starting to lose some of his luster among national sports pundits. On a number of sports talk shows yesterday, when the question was raised as to whether Brett was a selfish player, some of those answering came to the conclusion that it seems so based upon his on again-off again retirement dalliance last year, and the Moss situation now. Others say that after all Brett has given and meant to the Packers organization they should do what they can to accommodate him; it's not about being selfish, it's about putting players around Brett so the team can succeed.

Fans are also turning more and more against Thompson. In an online poll reported yesterday at WTMJ-TV, when asked how to respond to the most recent situation, more than half the respondents answered "Fire Ted Thompson" over "Trade Brett Favre" and "Do Nothing".

Things seem like they are getting messier rather than better. There might be some indication as to whether it is going to get better or worse as the weekend minicamp draws near. Stay tuned.