Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Further on the Final Year for #4

As noted here yesterday, there was a report by 620WTMJ-AM radio in Milwaukee that Brett Favre is so upset with Packer management that this will definitely be his last year as a Packer. Either he will retire or, if he has a good year, play for another team that has a legitimate chance at the playoffs and a championship. Bill Michaels, of 620WTMJ, has many of the details in his blog entry, which you can find here. Just scroll down till you get the entry entitled "Final 4?".

Some fascinating -- and disturbing -- info about the present situation. It is very sad that it is coming to this for Brett, for the Packers, and for the fans. Perhaps the best hope for finishing the upcoming season on a good note for all those involved would be for the Pack to have a playoff year. Nothing new about that. But perhaps this season carries with it a bit more than before. Let's hope this all somehow works out.