Sunday, December 17, 2006

Whew! Packers 17 - Lions 9

OK, the Packers won an ugly game 17-9. But they WON! Two wins in a row. And -- finally -- their second home win!

Detroit had 3 turnovers, the Packers 4 (3 interceptions and a fumbled snap). The Packers also had 9 penalties vs. 2 last week in San Francisco. The offense just didn't look in sync most of the day but, when they needed it, they came up with enough first downs and enough points. The defense really won this game, with 2 interceptions and a fumble recovery. But they also had 6 sacks and kept the Lions out of the endzone all day long, even after one of the Pack's interceptions (a bobble by Ahman Green) gave them the ball on the Packers' 12-yard line. Al Harris covered the Lions' best receiver, Roy Williams, all day long and only allowed 1 catch for 11 yards in the first half. Charles Woodson had another pick, tying him for the league lead in takeaways with 7.

So, my pick on the score was a bit off. That's what I get for listening to all those pundits. But the Pack beat the spread -- for those who care about such things. And they go to 6-8 on the season, keeping them on the "Still Alive" playoff board. The ViQueens are up next on Thursday evening, again at Lambeau. That's a big game. The Packers will have to play much better on both sides of the ball to win that game. Something tells me, they will.