Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Half from Hell - Jets 31 - Packers 0

The answer to my pre-game question about the Pack being able to take advantage of the cold and the home field advantage is: no.

That's being kind. This was the half from hell. The Packers defense was nowhere to be found. Receivers were -- as we've become accustomed -- wide open. Further, there was absolutely no pressure on Jets QB Chad Pennington. The Jets scored every time they had the ball. Total yardage for the Jets topped the first half!

The Packers offense was equally inept. Favre fumbled on the first series. Kicker Dave Rayner missed a 40+-yarder on the lone drive the Packers did have. And Brett tied Fran Tarkenton in the first half for third-most career interceptions with #266.

The Packers entire team looks as if they are playing in slow motion. Looks as if they'd rather be anywhere than playing football today. The fans have been raining boos upon the team for most of the first half. When you play this badly in front of the home fans, you deserve it.

Packers' radio announcers Wayne Larrivee and Larry McCarren, who have worked together as the broadcast team for the last 8 years, are both saying they have never seen a game this bad since they have been doing the broadcasts. In years -- and I mean years -- of watching the Packers, this is one of the worst performances this writer has ever seen.

I said this would be a close game, going the Packers way. That prediction still stands. As long as the Jets don't come out for the second half, we have a shot.