Sunday, December 17, 2006

Packers vs. Lions? Please...

With less than an hour to go until kickoff, it's time we make the call on today's
game at Lambeau. Granted the Packers are 1-5 at home this amazingly disturbing stat
which gets even worse if you look at the last couple years.

So, the Packers are favored by 5 points. It should be more. The Lions are banged up. But, honestly, as long as Matt Millen is the GM the Lions won't be very good no matter what. The Packers may get right tackle  Mark Tauscher back today, although he is still listed as questionable. And, to be honest, the Packers' receiving corps came out of the San Fran game pretty banged up, too. Donald Driver (shoulder), Gregg Jennings (ankle) and Ruvell Martin (chest) all were nursing injuries this last week. It wasn't immediately revealed but Martin wound up spending the night in the hospital after the game after he apparently landed on the ball in the fourth quarter injurying his chest. But, this is the 13th game of the regular season. Guys are banged up. As some say, you have to know the difference between injury and least if you want to play football, that is.

The Packers have an opportunity to sweep the Lions and the Vikings if they can win the last two home games. They then can go to Chicago on New Year's Eve day and play Da Bearz, who in all likelihood will be resting a good number of their starters in preparation for the playoffs. Who'da thunk it? The Pack could wind up going 5-1 in the division if they can win these next three games, and finish at 8-8 overall. Perhaps it's too much to ask. But it is the Christmas season. Santa can make any dream come true. Well, OK, except for that Ferrari he never brought me, but other than that...

This is a game where a lot of the Packer pundits are saying the Pack scores at least 30 today, with the Lions maybe scoring 10 to 17 tops. So, let's go with that. Packers 30 - Lions 10.

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