Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Driver & Kampman Go Pro Bowling!

Packers WR Donald Driver and DE Aaron Kampman were named to the NFC Pro Bowl roster today as reserves. This is Driver's second Pro Bowl selection, Kampman's first. Driver joins Arizona's Anquan Boldin, St. Louis' Torry Holt and Carolina's Steve Smith as the wide receivers on the NFC squad. Kampman joins Carolina's Julius Peppers and New Orleans' Will Smith as the NFC's defensive ends.

Amazingly -- and again -- CB Al Harris was not chosen to the roster, nor was CB Charles Woodson who is tied for the league lead in interceptions with six.

That team from Chicago that will not be named garnered seven selections. San Diego had nine players chosen to the AFC squad.

In other Packer news, offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski will be taking the head coaching job next season at Boston College. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy so far is saying the new zone blocking scheme Jagodzinski brought with him from Atlanta will stay as the Packers scheme for next year. An article in yesterday's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel states that, "it's likely he'll (McCarthy) promote (Joe) Philbin to offensive coordinator, (James) Campen to offensive line coach and (Jerry) Fontenot to assistant offensive line coach once the season is over."