Friday, December 08, 2006


The Packers have been busy making a few changes this week in preparation for this Sunday's game vs. the 49ers...and beyond.

First, they signed former Notre Dame QB and converted NFL receiver Carlyle Holiday off waivers from the Cardinals. Holiday was undrafted last year and was signed to the Cardinals' practice squad. This year, he has played in four games, including two starts, but has no catches. The Packers cut receiver Chris Francies to make room for Holiday. A few days later, Francies was re-signed to the Packers' practice squad. Holiday joined practice immediately and was trying to get up to speed with the receivers coach on routes, etc. There has been some speculation that Holiday may be used to return punts on Sunday. Obviously, with the Packers basically down to Donald Driver as the only receiving threat, the Packers are looking for anyone who might be able to help the passing game. Although a running game might also be good to see...I know it's around here somewhere...where did that go???

Secondly, the long-anticipated move to remove KGB from the starting defensive end position has been made. The coaching staff announced that Corey Williams will get the starting nod against San Francisco. Williams gives the Pack a bigger body at the point of run attack. Let's see: William - 6'4" 313 lbs. or KGB - 6'4" 250 lbs. Hmmm? Packers are giving up more than 170 yards per game average over the last three games. Maybe...a larger presence on the line might help? Whaddya think? No doubt, KGB will still be used on obvious pass rushing downs. Former GM Mike Sherman paid a boatload of money to KGB for what amounts to being a pass-rushing specialist only. And so far this year, he hasn't been very successful even doing that. The move to Williams is long overdue.

Bubba is not a happy camper. In footage of a locker room interview, Franks basically just said he didn't know what's going on, he just comes to do his job and that's it. As fans, media and apparently anyone other than Bubba realize, he is not the same player he was two years ago or even last year. Not only is he dropping catches he should be making but he also is not blocking well. Even if Bubba wasn't catching passes in the past, you could at least count on his blocking ability. That seems to have disappeared. Given Bubba's performance so far this year and seemingly his equally declining attitude, expect Bubba to be gone next year.

Jim Rome of ESPN "burning" fame(?), along with a few other football pundits, yesterday were discussing what Brett Favre should do at the end of the season. All three said he should play one more year with a team that has the talent to get to the Super Bowl...and they weren't talking about the Packers. One was even promoting the idea that Brett should go to Da Bearz. Da Bearz! How many Packer fans would be left alive if Brett ever appeared in a Bearz uniform, let alone help them get to the Super Bowl? Brett could go elsewhere after this year, but if there is a God it sure won't be to Da Bearz!

Lambeau Field -- or precisely, Lambeau's field -- will be changing. As in Decembers past, portions of the playing field are currently getting re-sodded. But after the season is over, the entire field will be re-done using GrassMaster, a natural grass surface reinforced with man-made fibers. This is the same surface the team has been using on the Clark Hinkle practice field and which has received rave reviews from not only players but staff as well. By installing GrassMaster, the need to re-sod the field will be eliminated. In addition, a completely new drainage and heating system will also be installed. So, no more frozen tundra. (Sigh) Well, it will still live on in our hearts...or our backyards if the Packers once again decide to sell off chunks of the turf as they did a few years ago. You can read more about the new field here.