Monday, January 02, 2006

Sherman's march is over.

Packers GM, Ted Thompson, just announced that he has made the decision to go in a different coaching direction and has fired Coach Mike Sherman. Thompson gave no indication at this time who the next coach might be. He also said that he had not discussed this decision with Brett Favre, stating that he felt it wasn't appropriate to discuss these decisions with any player.

So, after 6 years -- with one losing season -- Sherman's era is over. Some radio pundits actually hit it on the head, saying this is probably more a result of Sherman's failure as a GM than as a coach...the caliber of players he was responsible for drafting and signing has brought the Pack to the position that it is in today.

Make no mistake, Sherman was and is a class act. He lived for the Packers, appreciated its history and place in the NFL. But as Thompson said, "At the end of the day it's time for a new face."

The 2006 Packers will be a very different team than what we have seen before, both from a coaching and player standpoint. One can only hope that the rebuilding effort in both phases happens quickly. Now Thompson is on the hook for making that happen.